Johny Hendricks vs Hector Lombard Breakdown


Co-headlining UFC 105 in Halifax is a middle weight tilt between Johny Hendricks and Hector Lombard. This is Jony Hendricks first time fighting at middleweight and would be interesting to see how he does.

Above I’ve highlighted some of what I think are the strengths based on a 5 point system. The fighter with the advantage gets a full 5 stars while the fighter with the inferior skill set will get 4 or less depending on how great the advantage is.

My prediction for this fight is Johny Hendricks wins by 2nd round TKO.

Here’s why.

Despite the recent troubles Hendricks has been having trouble turning in championship level performances, I believe he has just the right style to beat Lombard. Similar to Magny and Henderson, I think Hendricks will have to weather an early onslaught from Lombard. Johny had only been finished once up to this point by Wonder boy and while Lombard is more than capable of putting anybody away, I don’t believe he will finish Hendricks. Although we haven’t really seen a heavy wrestling game plan from Hendricks in a while, he does have it in his arsenal and can use it to either neutralize Lombard against the fence and look for take downs, or threaten with it and keep Lombard thinking about it.

Fully committing to a striking attack should leave plenty of openings for Hendricks to exploit if he’s smart.

It’s impossible to say with any high level of certainty what will happen when you get a guy like Lombard who is so fast and violent with his striking attack. Johny winning the fight depends alot on if he can weather the hurricane and put it on Lombard after he used his energy.

I see an exciting first round with Hendricks getting caught but lands a take down from Lombard over committing. The second round is where Hendricks should be able to get his shots off from the fatigued Lombard and ultimately put him away.

But this fight could easily go the other way.

What are your thoughts on the fight? Do you see it going the way I do or differently? Let me know in the comments and stay tuned for the rest of the UFC Fight Night 105 breakdowns.




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