Travis Browne vs Derrick Lewis Breakdown


Headlining UFC Fight Night 105 is what Brian Stann would say over 500 pounds of meat in the octagon as Travis “Hapa” Browne faces Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis in Halifax, Nova Socia, Canada on February 19th.

While Browne is coming off back to back losses, they were from 2 former champions – he’s switched gyms too. At least for this fight, after his girlfriend Ronda Rouseys loss and the controversy with their coach Edmund Tarverdyan. Facing 3 fight losing streak, and a new gym he also faces a monster of a man in Derrick Lewis who is hot on a 5 fight win streak with the most notable win being against Roy Nelson.

Above I’ve highlighted some of what I think are the strengths based on a 5 point system. The fighter with the advantage gets a full 5 stars while the fighter with the inferior skill set will get 4 or less depending on how great the advantage is.

I have Hapa at an advantage in all stats except for power, which is obvious.

Yes, I give the striking, grappling, and clinch advantage all to Browne; however, it’s not indicative of how I see the fight going. I’m picking Lewis to win this fight. Strange right?

Well let me explain.

He’s shown in previous fights that he’s able to power his way back to his feet when he’s taken down. He literally goes belly down then just stands up. A good example of this is when he fought Roy Nelson. Even an experienced, skilled, and strong grappler like Nelson couldn’t keep Lewis down. When he gets up, he goes for it which is where I see Browne having some trouble avoiding power shots.

While Travis Browne holds a significant striking advantage and could easily out point Lewis using a stick and move and largely kick oriented game plan – I don’t realistically see how he can keep that up for 5 rounds.

Browne has a really good shot to win this fight, he’s one of the most athletic guys in the division which is also true for the 2 opponents who have knocked Lewis out – Matt Mitrione and Shawn Jordan.

The fact that Travis Browne more than likely will have to exchange with Lewis at least on a few occasions is why I’m choosing Lewis to win the fight via TKO in the 2nd round.

You just never know with these heavyweights which way it’s going to go. In this fight, I find it very unlikely that the fight will go a full 5 rounds. If you’re betting, I think you’re money is safe with the fight not going the distance.

What are your thoughts on the fight? Do you see it going differently? Comment below and let me know. If you liked this breakdown, stay tuned for more fight breakdowns throughout the card or view the predictions for UFC Fight Night 105: Lewis vs Browne.




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