UFC 209 Prediction Results


My overall thoughts are UFC 209 were it was a great card until the main event. Given what was at stake paired with the mutual respect both fighters had for each others skill sets made for a very tactical, low volume fight.

I can’t blame Woodley and Thompson for being cautious out there. Woodley retained his title in this fight but again, I think Thompson won this fight 3 rounds to 2.

It’s interesting that one judge scored the last round a 10-8 but was the only judge I felt saw the other 4 rounds correctly with Thompson winning round 1,2, and 4. Regardless of if the judge had scored the fight 10-9, Woodley would of still won the fight.

The rest of the card however, was spectacular. Up until the main event, we got to see a little bit of everything from submissions, knockouts to huge upsets.

I’ll toot my own horn here since I did publish on the record the 3 biggest underdogs who I thought would win, won. (Elkins, Teymur, Kelly)

I did terrible in my picks for UFC 209 getting only 5 out of 11 correct. Going into this card I knew there were alot of fights I had big uncertainties about and just ended up on the wrong side of things with my picks.

UFC 209 Predictions

Despite having a losing night on the picks, I was able to squeak by and stay positive on my bets for the night.

Iuri Alcantara vs Luke Sanders Yes (Fight goes the distance) -2units
Iuri Alcantara vs Luke Sanders (Iuri Alcantara) +1.1 units
Rashad Evans vs Daniel Kelly (Daniel Kelly) +1.75units

For some reason, I was just too unsure of every fight on this card and I wanted to play it safe. As you can see from my predictions, I was right to not put more action. I’m content with not getting a loss on the night though and with my little .85unit gain.

Now we look ahead to next weeks UFC Fight Night 106 Belfort vs Gastelum where we’ll have a new chance to win more money.




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