UFC Halifax: Prediction Results

UFC Halifax

Overall the first card of this website was a huge success. The card itself was great, I think it was a really interesting card with some big moments.

The fight winner predictions were phenomenal as I picked 10 out of 11 winners correctly and 3 perfect predictions for UFC Fight Night 105 Browne vs Lewis.

UFC Halifix Predictions

I also went up +7.49 units on the night.

For the sake of documenting my progress in ufc betting, I’m going to share my exact bets, how much I risked and how much I won.

Before this event, I deposited $20 on my online sports book Bovada so the start of the site and the first event we had action on will start our progress at $20.

When I say 1 unit, usually that means if I had $100 in my bankroll, 1 unit is 1 dollar. Since I started with a mere $20, 1 unit would actually be 20 cents however the minimum bet on Bovada is $1. To keep this easy, until we reach $100 1 unit will equal 1 dollar despite it actually being 5 units.

Does that make sense? Probably not, but lets jump into the bets.

Parlay Felder, Mcmann, Tucker (+1.4 units)
Randa Markos moneyline (+2.5 units)
Sara McMann Vs Gina Mazany NO Fight doesn’t go the distance (+2 units)
Cezar Ferreira vs Elias Theodorou YES Fight goes the distance (+.49 units)
Gavin Tucker wins inside distance (-1 unit)
Derrick Lewis wins by KO, TKO or DQ (+1.10 units)
Aiemann Zahabi wins inside distance (-1 unit)

So after the card, I made a little bit of money, nearly picked every winner on the card, caught a really good buzz and the card overall was pretty good. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday night.

Too much credit, not enough credit given

I gave Alex Ricci way more credit than I should have. In a recent article, I wrote about 3 upsets that were possible for this fight card. Alex Ricci was one of them, and I couldn’t have been more wrong. He was absolutely demolished by Felder who is continuing to impress and prove that he’s a legit contender in the┬ádivision. I still think Ricci is a solid kick boxer but he was out of his league on that fight.

Another upset that I mentioned was Randa Markos who fought Carla Esparza. Randa cashed +2.5 units but she didn’t win decisively despite what was on the judges score card after the fight. Many people believe Carla should of got the nod, but I can go either way. The fight went EXACTLY as I saw it going. Markos held her own on the ground and stuffed 6 out of 10 take downs. She won the stand up exchanges which is where she had an advantage and she got the win. It wasn’t pretty but I’ll take it.

I wrote off Sam Sicilia coming into that fight with Gavin Tucker. I picked Tucker within the distance but I didn’t account for how cautious he would be in his UFC debut against the dangerous Sicilia. He even mentioned it in his post fight interview with Brian Stann. Although Sicilia got picked apart and Tucker passed his debut with flying colors, I definitely didn’t give Sicilia the credit he deserved.

Memorable moments of UFC Halifax

As I just mentioned, Gavin Tucker looked impressive in his UFC Debut. A star was born. His foot work, speed and accuracy was all on point. There were many references of him looking alot of the Bantam Weight Champion Cody Garbrant out there, and he did. He looked in his element and it’s going to be interesting to see who he draws in his next match up and how he’s going to fare among stiffer competition. It’s going to be exciting to see him progress.

Elias┬áTheodorou said in his post fight interview that he’s going to fly a fan out to tattoo his face and hair on his body. Theodorou even went as far to say they’d make a week out of it, and he’d get his sponsors on board and show him the full Spartan treatment. We’ll keep you posted if there are any updates to this story.

Derick Lewis’ post fight interview was hilarious and bizarre. When asked about the body shots that Browne landed in the first round, he said he was just trying not to take a crap all over the cage. He even brought up domestic violence accusations about Travis Browne and asked where Ronda Rouseys fine ass was. Talk about a man who keeps it real. When asked by Gilbert Melendez who he want’s to see next, he immediately called out Mark Hunt – because Hunt would no doubt stand with him and bring a fight. Hunt has to get through Overeem first but let’s all hope he wins so this match up can happen.




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